Welcome to Norwegian Plugins

The site is a resource to Norwegian site owners who either do not have time, or may not be able to translate much of what they want to use on their pages. We will concentrate mostly on wordpress, but will also post plugins from other cms if I translate any of these. I previously ran a site called LettWeb where I had a good deal of translated things and things to do. phpbb and joomla, but unfortunately was later taken by a hurricane and nothing could be salvaged (the host let down and “shut off”). I will also post translated themes / templates here as I translate them.
I would also like to write some posts that do not deal with themes and plugins occasionally if I find something useful to write about. To know a little more about who I am, take a look to the right.

If you want a plugins or template translated or customized, you can send me a message on this contact form. I promise not to throw myself away at the task at the minute, but to add it to my “to-do” list, and then write about it in the blog when it is translated / adapted.