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Optimize in difficult niches

Working in heavy niches is a challenge, but if you are hard at work, you can achieve enormous results. I myself have been working on optimizing websites in the toughest niches online for several years now, and would like to share some of my experience.
Don’t go for SEO bubble
I like to call it SEO bubble, when optimizing too much. So much so that it becomes unnatural.
Think about it – what does Google want, and what do your users want?
Think solely of your users when you showcase your product – be it design, layout, content and impressions. When it comes to the more technical aspects of having a website, one has to optimize for search – good meta titles and descriptions, as well as everything. text on pictures. Make sure the website is efficient to load, etc. Do you also hear that all the “technical” around the site will also be user-friendly?

Don’t think too much about getting links. Linking is still an important part of getting good placements, but it is more important to build a website with quality articles. The articles are your foundation, and it must be solid. Use social media, think outside the box, make contests, sponsor different projects – you just need one idea to achieve a successful linkbait.
The articles must be your focus, while Google needs social media signals and / or links to smooth the landing page well.
Nothing is more fun than challenges
I love challenges, and it is not least fun when you succeed. My motto when optimizing a website, whether the niche is difficult or not, is to optimize content and other things to its user. At the same time, I think one should think carefully and create a structure that is easy for a search engine to read.
To quote myself from another article I have written: “Imagine you were Google, and entered the kitchen to create the search results for the phrase” cheap picture frames “- it also says” cheap picture frames “on both the refrigerator, drawer and i micro’n ยป.
Be sure to categorize your articles properly and create unique articles every time. Avoid too many similar articles.