Your Parcel Within the Shortest Possible Time

Wished to catch the next available flight to have your stuffs sent to a company or a person? No problem. Same day express has the exact thing in mind for you. The staff has experienced good ways for flexible arrangements especially for emergency shipments, whether it is for personal or business to business needs.

Not Just for Air Shipment

Same day express also provides easy and convenient shipping of your goods not just by air but also by land. There are many courier vans and trucks that are made available in many points around Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to carry your goods any time of the day. All you have to do is login to your account online and send your delivery request. If you still do not have an account, it is just easy to sign up. You can get an instant quote in the website by giving your location and the drop off destination.

How Much Will Your Delivery Cost and What Kind of Goods are Allowed

Same Day Express can deliver almost anything for you. The thing is it should weight 30kg or less. The charge depends on the distance of your delivery. There are some limitations for Same Day Express. Items that are unlawful are surely not allowed. Some examples are drugs, firearms, and flammable, corrosive, and explosive things. Fragile or perishable items may also require some conditions for delivery. Some commodities that do not have proper authorisation are also not permissible. Of course, animals and people are not to be delivered, and they point this out seriously.

Any goods otherwise will be delivered safely to your desired destination. Same Day Express also issues insurance to all goods as they give an automatic $300. So as long as you check the requirements, you will take advantage of this insurance.

Have Your Goods Tracked

Once your goods are on its way, you can always track at any point. You can also call the courier from time to time to double check. If you have additional instructions to give, there is no problem with them as they always desire to take care of the parcels as much as possible for the benefit of their customers. There is no other good delivery service like Same Day Express. Perhaps there are also some who are equally good but when it comes to integrity, no question for SDE. read more


Buying NRL Attires Online

Rugby is undoubtedly among the most popular games not only in Australia but throughout the world as well. As a result, it’s only natural that sports enthusiasts are obsessed with having associated memorabilia such as the Telstra premiership trophy and the state of the origin shield. With Statistics indicating that about  80% – 90% of the millions of  Internet users visiting everyday  just to  make purchases and seek services, NRL shop online  services have become increasingly  popular to tap into this market available to provide memorabilia to rugby enthusiasts with the convenience they need when shopping. If you are looking for memorabilia online, then read on for tips to have a successful online purchase.

Be Keen

There is a myriad NRL shop online services selling memorabilia with many items that are based on specific teams. Therefore, these will have the team name or team logo or have the autographs of the team members. Also, when you are looking forward to buying one, it’s imperative that you make certain there is a sticker, tag, logo that is available, which alludes that the merchandise is officially licensed. The most valued memorabilia when it comes to clothing mostly is the jersey, especially those that were worn during NRL matches. However, you can still find hats, scarves, jackets and t-shirts.

 Proof of Authenticity

Memorabilia are usually considered very valuable items and most come signed by team members. Additionally, many have a certificate of authenticity accompanying them, which is an indicator of authenticity. For some online shops can dupe customers into making expensive purchases of ingenuine products, it’s pertinent you check out for these features to determine authenticity.

Do Your Research

When buying memorabilia online, careful research should be done before making a purchase and it is something you have to put extra effort in. This also includes research on the various memorabilia available and the specific one you are looking for. This will go a long way in saving you some valuable time as well as ensure you don’t spend your money on fake items. Research too will open up buyers to the various memorabilia available that they may have not have had knowledge of. If you want an autographed item, then you have to ensure that you know the specific player’s autograph to ensure it matches. read more