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Getting the Right SEO Consultation: A Guide for Beginners

You’ve probably already heard of the benefits of SEO. However, you’re still clueless on where you’re heading to. The first thing you may have thought about is: is there an SEO consultant I can get worthy advice from?

Well, there are indeed SEO consultants. If you’re in Oregon, there are a couple of SEO mavens who can give stellar advice—but hiring the right SEO consultant is the challenge.

Don’t look for the perfect advice, get the best consultation from the right SEO consultant.

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SEO Consultancy vs. SEO Firms

There are times when you’re confused on who you should hire: a consultant or a firm? To avoid confusion between the two, just see it this way: consultants help you perform SEO, while firms do the job for you.

Knowing the difference between the two is crucial. This prevents you from wasting revenue and delaying growth because you chose the wrong service.

If you have in-house marketing and IT teams, you might only need an SEO consultant. They can provide services, but usually, when you already have people to do SEO, a consultant only works with your team and start fixing issues from there. Meanwhile, SEO firms can also advise, but generally, they do all the dirty work while you wait for exceptional results.

Nonetheless, each has their pros and cons. Determining what you need will help you choose the better service for your business.

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What an SEO consultation should give you:

Instant evaluation and In-depth evaluation

The right SEO consultation includes two services that precede it: an instant evaluation and an in-depth evaluation. An instant evaluation may be through a usually free phone call from the consultant or an online report on your domain.

The phone call will be scheduled through a consultant’s website. You will discuss your company’s situation and then they will give you a brief but concise primary advice.

Meanwhile, the online report will be run by the consultant’s website to test your domain’s ranking factors and to give you an SEO site review as well. The consultant will then explain the results.

The in-depth evaluation will find some gaps in your marketing system if you have in-house digital marketers or an IT team. This evaluation reviews your company’s marketing situation and analyses your teams’ contribution. A consultant can foresee how to fill these gaps and fix the issues.

Non-general advice

After a couple of evaluations, a good consultation shouldn’t give you a broad advice and expect your marketing teams to work on it. They should you provide clear and objectives.

Also, look for consultants that have a systematic approach to solving problems. A quick example is how a Search Commander SEO consultant tailors their services to the clients by utilizing emails, screen casting software, Skype, and Team Viewer remote access software. The consulting team in Search Commander Portland also doesn’t touch base if unnecessary to cut a client’s ongoing costs.

Getting the right SEO Consultation

What are the cost-effective attributes of the right SEO consultation?

  1. A systematic way of fixing minor and major issues
  2. Personal and friendly approach
  3. No “Groupthink” from consultation teams
  4. Low price but quality service
  5. Honest, no beating around the bush discussion
  6. Tangible, practical results

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