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Insights into Concrete Cutting Using Concrete Core Drills

Concrete core drilling refers to the process of drilling well-rounded holes through concrete floors, walls as well as other concrete structures. The practice is possibly the most commonly known application of a diamond tool for concrete cutting functions. “core rigs” or concrete core drills can be operated in diverse orientations, including vertical, horizontal as well as upside down via concrete ceilings. Concrete cutting Brisbane has today is done with precision by industry experts. A steel tube having diamond segments either brazed or laser welded on drilling end is what comprises the concrete core drill bit.

Concrete Cutting Brisbane

Mounting of Concrete Core Bits

The core bits are usually mounted upon the rotating shaft of various forms of core drilling machines for concrete. A majority of core drills get connected onto a stand which is secured to a floor or wall using a concrete anchor along with bolt. However, some concrete core drills utilise vacuum pressure for attaching onto a floor. As well, diverse kinds of “hand-held” core drills are available from the experts in concrete cutting Brisbane offers. Electricity can be applied for powering concrete core drills, or alternatively gasoline, hydraulics or sources of air power. Concrete core drill bits range from ½ inch all the way to 72 inches in diameter, with the depths of drilling being unlimited virtually using extensions. A “core” of concrete or solid cylindrical slug is removed from the hole once drilling is completed. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling applications are virtually unlimited. Clients requiring concrete cutting in Brisbane can obtain a wide range of support services in this field.

Drilling for Utility Purposes

Core holes are applied for “utility penetrations” like electrical heating and plumbing, yet are commonly applied as well for venting furnaces or dryers of clothes. Teh practice of concrete core drilling equally allows for concrete structures to be easily prepared for sprinkler systems, fibre optics, HVAC ducts, computer lines, phone lines and many other facilities. Core drilling techniques are applied widely in construction of underground utilities. These most commonly include underground vault taps, manhole taps and wherever water, sewer, air, steam or communication lines penetrate concrete or brick structure. Brisbane concrete cutting companies can deliver outstanding services for utility functions.

Removal of Large Concrete Pieces

“Line coring” or line drilling is very similar to perforating. It involves drilling of core holes in a sequence of overlapping holes within a row. This allows for a large concrete-piece to be removed. Line coring provides an effective method of cutting and removing small, rectangular or square openings of nearly any concrete-thickness. It comes in handy especially where alternate cutting or sawing methods are inapplicable. Anyone in need of line drilling can find concrete cutting Brisbane has to obtain satisfying results.

An advanced learner can conduct concrete core drilling if having the necessary equipment for this objective. However it is prudent to contract a professional concrete cutting company to ensure achieving the best outcome and protect you from unexpected injury. A seasoned provider of concrete cutting Brisbane avails can take just 10 minutes to unload the necessary equipment, core the hole as well as reload the equipment. Some homeowners try drilling holes with concrete cutting equipment but end up in great disappointment. Such an act can occasion even greater expenses if the work done is unprofessional and has to be repeated by a professional. Please visit