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Jewish Community Services: Why Giving Back Is So Important

In this mad world, everyone should have a support group. Communities exist to gather individuals who want to help and eventually spread inspiration among larger groups. That’s why accomplished leaders and influencers, such as Brian Gaister BGS, should give back to these communities.

Communities are foundations—and they should be sturdy

Religious communities may have different practices and traditions, but most of their core beliefs are unified. They usually indicate the same message—loving your neighbor. Giving love to your fellow men and women is one of the most significant elements that minorities should cultivate. To sustain this, communities must be sturdy.

Communities are the foundations of the larger scales of communities such as churches and the cities. Taking care of the Jewish community is a great small step to inspire hope among larger groups of people. If you’re a business leader or an affluent influencer who believes the latter, then you can start by contacting The Associated in their website,

Cultivating Camaraderie in Baltimore’s Jewish Communities

The Jewish community in Baltimore is one of the oldest and largest Jewish groups in the US. The groups date back as far as 1906. It lasted long because willing volunteers and influencers collaborated in cultivating camaraderie among Jews living the American Jewish life.

Since 1969, The Associated has strived to provide the community needs of Jewish immigrants in Baltimore. The agencies and programs they help and support are directed towards those who are in need. Such initiative is important as most of who can benefit are the youth, the elderly, and the poor.

The Help Cycle

Why do business owners have to give back to communities?

It helps them, as well. It’s a cycle when looked at from a bigger-picture lens. Besides building a respectable reputation, business owners can also gain valuable connections and networking during community service. Philanthropy is one element that every company culture should adopt.

Influencers like Brian Gaister BGS are recognized in the yearly Honor Roll of Donors because they are giving back to the community. If business establishments and leaders, like Brian Gaister BGS, would continue incorporating community services in their advocacies and policies, they wouldn’t only strengthen their company’s morale, but they would also reduce the number of the unfortunate. Check out their webpage at Brian Gaister

Without the willing support of investors and kind business owners, these services in The Associated wouldn’t exist:

  • Assisting the poor, elderly, and homeless
  • Ensuring the future of Jewish children
  • Strengthening the Jewish Identity
  • Helping 25 agencies to allocate financial resources to the vulnerable Jews

In addition, their activity, Annual Campaign, magnifies their mission to help the poor. Every dollar and cent can make a difference. This is an activity where through the help of volunteers and kind-hearted donors, they can raise approximately $30-45 million.

Centralized organizations like The Associated make this possible by unifying the planning process. It helps prevent overlapping among agencies and programs, making them focus on coordinating with donors like Brian Gaister and others. In return, the donors can give with trust and confidence as well. As what the Brian Gaister honor roll indicates, those who received his help have already said: “thank you Brian Gaister.”

By giving back, you aren’t only making a name for your business, you’re also helping others reach their potential—like how you hoped for progress when you were just starting.